Anything Is Possible

Looking around my room right now, you’d never know that organization gives me great comfort. Right now, with clothes thrown across my chair, laundry drying on the rack and towels waiting to go in the wash, my room looks haphazard at best. But there are hints of organization: my bookcase for example. I organize my books by colour. All the pinks, blues, greens, whites etc. are all grouped together. When I want to find something, I must visualize the spine first.

I originally wanted to write about how organization keeps me sane, but instead there is a more pressing issue at stake: The mayor of our great city wants to privatize and shut down our beloved libraries. Imagination and knowledge are not for sale; this is not something you can buy and sell like oil.

I grew up in libraries. Surrounded by my friends Lucy, Peter, Edmond and Susan, The Famous Five, Carbonel and Calidor and so many others. They introduced me to a world of magic and adventure – a world of possibility.

I now live around the corner from my favourite childhood library and it sickens me to think that we have to fight for our right to explore, to imagine and most importantly, to learn.

Though I am fairly young, I think about the future, about my children. I want them growing up in a world where they can escape to far away kingdoms, where they can explore the mythical land of Narnia, visit Hogwarts, read about Swallows and Amazons. Not only do libraries offer us a door to different worlds, but they allow us to look inside ourselves – they give us a chance to find out who we really are and they allow us to believe that anything is possible with an imagination and a good heart.  

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