Nail Candy.

Nail Polish!I am obsessed with nail polish. My roommate, Jess, is also obsessed with nail polish. We both paint our nails every few days, carefully choosing which colour we’re going to do next and we’ve collected over fifty bottles of nail polish since we moved in together a year and a half ago.
Why the obsession, you ask? I read an article recently saying that nail polish sales have spiked in the United States over the last few years. The reason is that because of the economic downturn, many women didn’t feel they could spend money on clothes, shoes or more expensive beauty products. Instead they turned to nail polish due to its inexpensive price tag and many perks. As cheesy as it sounds, with nail polish, I feel I can change my outfit without changing my clothes. It’s a simple way of giving yourself a beauty boost without having to break the bank!
On Sunday I painted my nails this bright Sally Hansen blue, called Pacific Blue, in honor of the deliciously warm weather we’ve Sally Hansen Pacific Bluebeen having. Yesterday I changed my nails to this bright Nars pink, called Schiap. Nars Schiap Who knows what colour I’ll choose next! I’m really digging greens and oranges for spring and pastels are always in style.
Next time you’re tempted to buy a new skirt or shirt, try going to your local drug store and seeing what kind of nail polish you can find there. It’s the same great thrill of a new find, but at a quarter of the cost. All this talk of nail polish is making me want to change my nails again.
Until next time, happy painting!