A Fine Balance.

Last Monday, after Thanksgiving dinner and 90210 (the orignal!) viewings with friends, I had a great idea for a blog entry. Something to do with thanks and being thankful, but in my slightly drunken state, I decided not to start writing said blog and instead decided to go to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, […]

Purpose, process.

As I begin building my online “brand” I’ve been thinking of process. Process is defined by the dictionary as: -n. a systematic series of actions directed to some end. Filmmaking is a journey and that journey begins long before your film is listed as being in pre-production or in development. It begins with an idea, […]


Anything Is Possible

Looking around my room right now, you’d never know that organization gives me great comfort. Right now, with clothes thrown across my chair, laundry drying on the rack and towels waiting to go in the wash, my room looks haphazard at best. But there are hints of organization: my bookcase for example. I organize my […]

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Noise and Silence.

Girl On Fire Films is a film company based in Toronto. If you wish to contact GOFF, please email Julia at girlonfirefilms at gmail dot com