fitzroy boutique

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of stepping into one of my favourite places in all of Toronto: Fitzroy Boutique. Fitzroy is a seasonal pop-up shop brought to you by the lovely (and fashionable) friends-since-childhood duo, Julie and Ange. Currently housed in BYOB Cocktail Emporium on Queen Street West, the pop-up shop features many Australian […]

Nail Polish!

Nail Candy.

I am obsessed with nail polish. My roommate, Jess, is also obsessed with nail polish. We both paint our nails every few days, carefully choosing which colour we’re going to do next and we’ve collected over fifty bottles of nail polish since we moved in together a year and a half ago. Why the obsession, […]

2012 02 29_Picture_0012

There will be blood orange gimlets.

Sometimes after a long day you need to get together with a friend and make a gimlet. What is a gimlet you ask? A gimlet is a cocktail that features gin and lime juice, traditionally, however this recipe is anything but traditional! We ended up tweaking the recipe Kristin found online so it was a little more […]


Film Review: Drive

 I love films that are encompassing. You commit to an idea and you are able to follow through with it. I also love juxtaposition. With its hot pink title sequence and a delicious eighties sounding pop soundtrack, Drive offers its viewers a complex and interesting journey that keeps the audience watching with baited breath until […]