A Fine Balance.

Last Monday, after Thanksgiving dinner and 90210 (the orignal!) viewings with friends, I had a great idea for a blog entry. Something to do with thanks and being thankful, but in my slightly drunken state, I decided not to start writing said blog and instead decided to go to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, […]

Write Now.

Remember that promise I made to myself to spend at least thirty minutes of everyday writing? No? Well, neither do I. I mean, I remember taking the time to make the promise, but then I started a new job (not in production, sadly), made some personal changes and voila! my promise disappeared. But not to […]



Ever have one of those days where you go through your entire phonebook and text people you haven’t talked to in ages? Hi, long time – let’s do those drinks soon! You’re lonely, but you’re lazy – too tired to call someone. You want to do something, but you want to sit still. I’m having one […]

It’s all happening…

There are many exciting changes coming to Girl On Fire Films. I’m pleased to annouce I’m working on a bad-ass logo, and we’re in pre-production on our next short film entitled Future Lovers. I’ve also got a blog in the works so you’ll be able to check out my day to day ramblings about show […]

Girl on Fire Films logo FINAL-01resize2

Noise and Silence.

Girl On Fire Films is a film company based in Toronto. If you wish to contact GOFF, please email Julia at girlonfirefilms at gmail dot com